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Wintomato - Affiliation Program FAQ

What Do Wintomato Affiliates Do?

Wintomato offers a beneficial affiliate program designed for those who feel enthusiastic about our website, want to promote one and get an extra source of oncome; 

Wintomato affiliates provide you with an opportunity to make some extra income simply by just recommending us to your peers and like-minded individuals. By doing so you would be giving us the opportunity to welcome additional players into our Wintomato gaming community.

What Is The Cost Of It?

There are no payments needed, it’s an affiliate program. So obviously, it’s free for anyone who wants to join the fun.

How To Join Wintomato Affiliates?

You will just need to be registered on the website. That’s it. If you are also an active member of the WTM community and play our games, it can affect your commission rate in a positive manner.

Where Can I Get Banner For My Affiliate Website?

If you already have a platform and decided to take advantage of our affiliate program, know that we have already made banners of all forms and sizes, which can be found on the affiliation page, in the main menu.

What Is The Referral Commision Rate For Wintomato Affiliates?

Wintomato affiliation referral commission rate starts at 25% and goes all the way up to 100%. The base rate is 25%. That’s how everyone starts out. However commission rate can increase alongside your activity on Wintomato as it has 100 rank levels. The following formula is the demonstration of how you can find out what is your affiliation rate.

Aff rate = 25% (base rate) + (Current Level / 100) * 75%;

What Is the Income Of Wintomato Affiliates?

T he affiliate income is measured by the wager which is multiplied by the house edge of the game or service one might be using on the website. After this, you need to multiply the given sum by one’s affiliate rate. Basically, both the rate and income of the Wintomato affiliate are directly proportional to one’s level ranking on the website.

How Can I Measure Affiliate Income?

The formula by which one can measure affiliate income is quite simple. The following is how to do it.

Aff income = Wager amount multiplied by House Edge and times Aff rate.

What Are The House Edges For Wintomato Games and Services? 

Here are the house edges for different games on Wintomato.

For both in House and Pandora Dice Games - 1%

For Slots Games - 2%

The house edge for Sportsbook Services - 3%

Therefore taking all of this into consideration as an example, if your affiliate has a rank of 1 and bets 1000 USD on Dice, regardless of whether the user wins or loses, you will receive 2.5 USD. If he bets on Slots, you will receive 5 USD and if he bets on Sports, you will receive 7.5 USD.

The affiliate earning is disabled, if the affiliated player participates in any bonus campaign , as soon as the bonus campaign is accomplish by the player the earning from this user is restored

*** Black Jack(Any Type) is completely excluded from affiliate earnings, the affiliate may get wager earnings from the excluded games but later the balance is corrected from the general balance;
**** The affiliate earning is not withdrawable if net balance of the referred users is negative;